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Online VAT Registration in Bangladesh

October 26,2018,11:50 pm, By admin

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The registration Online VAT has formally begun from on March 15, 2017 with the expectation that the people of the country will now pay Value Added Tax (VAT) online for the growth of the country. NBR ( National Board of Revenue) started the online VAT registration in Bangladesh on March 15 informally. Any Businesses will be able to take online....

How to start company registration in Bangladesh?

October 27,2018,11:17 pm, By admin

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How to start a new business in Bangladesh?” is a common question for new entrepreneur who want to start a new company in Bangladesh and also foreign investor who are looking for invest in Bangladesh. Now Bangladesh Government keen to make better business opportunity for both local and foreign investor to....

How do I get a e-TIN?

October 27,2018,11:58 pm, By admin

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NBR provide opportunity to collect TIN Certificate from Online. By this way one can collect TIN Certificate from his own PC. It is easy way. Click the image link of e-tin and fill-up the form online and you can get your TIN....

Trade License/Business License in Bangladesh

November 3,2018,10:05 pm, By admin

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Trade license or business license is the first steps to start a business in any place all over the world. Also same in Bangladesh. In general trade license is issue by local business authority. In rural area, Union Council issue trade license for doing any kind of business in the respective Union Council....

Import Registration Certificate in Bangladesh

November 3,2018,10:32 pm, By admin

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Import Registration Certificate (IRC) is one of the mandatory documents to start Import business in Bangladesh. It is well-known as IRC in Bangladesh. This certificate is issue by the CCI&E (Office of the Chief Controller of Imports & Exports). This office also issue 

Export Registration Certificate In Bangladesh

November 3,2018,11:01 pm, By admin

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Export Registration Certificate is required for starting export business in Bangladesh.  This certificate is issue by CCI&E and they also issue Import Registration Certificate and Indenting Registration....

Income Tax Return

November 3,2018,11:57 pm, By admin

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    • Corporate and Personal Tax Planning
    • Company Tax Preperation....

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